Brush – Gel 3 (Jewel)

2.140 kr.

To create easily, tiny and elegant decorations.

Nail art brushes – for the detailed work.

3 Gel Brush – Made of synthetic bristles. Its slanted tip makes it perfect for creating color gradients with glitter gel and for wiping the smile line.

Availability: 4 á lager

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Before using your brush for the first time, scrub the glue out of the bristles, dip it into water, then cut the bristles that separate from the pointed tip.

After using a gel decoration brush, clean it by pressing its head between two paper towels. As Cleanser can dry the bristles, using it is not recommended, unless there is some leftover gel on the handle.

Use separate brushes for dark and light colors and pearly and glitter materials so that they don’t mix.

When using a brush for the first time, thoroughly scrub the glue, then dip the entire brush head into transparent builder gel. Dry the bristles by pressing the brush head between two paper towels. This method is also perfect for removing pigments from the bristles.


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