Sunless Color Extender Prolong

6.409 kr.


This silky lotion is created with Natural Colour Complex to enhance Norvell’s just-off-the-beach color by helping improve skin’s texture and hydration.


  • Created to build a gradual tan and hydrate skin.
  • Norvell formulates with breakthrough odour control technology, Ordenone®, designed to virtually eliminate the odour commonly caused by sunless tanning products by encapsulating malodor molecules.
  • Prevents: Tomato Seed Extract helps prevent signs of ageing and enables oxygen absorption in the skin.
  • Smooths: Vitamin C helps stimulate collagen to tighten and smooth the skin.
  • Blocks: Vitamin E helps block free radicals from the skin to reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful looking.
  • Hydrates: Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Extract moisturises the skin to help with anti-ageing.
  • Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Non-Comedogenic, Cruelty Free, Sulfate Free, 100% Vegan, Nut Allergy Free

Availability: 5 á lager

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