RoyalCream - Cream 02 (3ml)

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Cleansing-free, ultra-pigmented color gel

Cleansing-free, ultra-pigmented color gel blending the thickness of Art Gels and the easy handling of Royal Gels. Does not flow, has a pastelike consistency, providing a 3D effect for the patterns you design. Let your creativity run wild: just like with Art Gels, mix colors any way you like!

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Cures well even if applied in a thicker coat. Cure time in UV: 2-3 mins, in LED: 1 min, in a thicker coat about 1 min 30 sec.

Use it with the NEW Base Stickers for Coloring and the three NEW unique Nail Stamping Plates. 

Use them to fill in the outline of the coloring stickers!