CN Acrilyc Brush. The Big One

Verð : 5.500 kr.

Vörunúmer : 5996487044499

Lagerstaða : Til á lager

Exclusive design, with different type of handles.

The Big One Brush - Large, flat, extremely thick, professional acrylic brush with natural bristles tailor-made for experienced nail technicians. High-quality bristles boast outstanding absorbency. The pointed tip ensures precise results. Harder bristles, enhanced compressive force. Light wooden handle, metal cap, comes in a case.

Before using your brush for the first time, thoroughly scrub the glue out of the bristles, dip it into Liquid, then press out the bubbles. This will extend the life of your brush.

After using your brush, clean it with Liquid, then dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. Form a pointed tip, and store the brush tip-up or in a horizontal position but never upside down as the Liquid will flow to the tip and dissolve the glue, which will discolor the bristles.

For pigmented, colored, or glitter powders, use a separate brush and even a separate dappen dish so that each material keeps its original color.

Use a double-walled dappen dish that is deep enough to dip your brush into the material without touching the bottom of the container so that the tip of the brush doesn’t get damaged. The double-walled dappen dish provides the temperature required for achieving the optimal curing time.