Acryl neglur duft, Cover Pink Acrylic 100g/142ml

Verð : 6.950 kr.

Vörunúmer : 5999553514582

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Cover pink acrylic powder with perfect coverage

- light, baby-pink tone
- cold-effect
- perfect cover formula
- can be combined with dark free edge very well
- for a lighter skin tone

The cover pink material is for aesthetic nail-bed extension and for covering up the outgrown smile line; it is a flesh-color material with the same color as the natural nail-bed. Available in many colors to match each guest’s skin types. For the perfect use and color effect the unnecessary liquid must be absorbed with a paper towel. To have the perfect covering it should be thicker at the smile line. Towards the nail root it should be thinner thus the outgrowing will not be seen. The Cover Pink can be covered with pink acrylic powder to get a more vivid color, or it can be used by itself as well.