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To create 3D and convex decorations.

With natural hair.

You can create perfect acrylic nail patterns with them.

Mini 3D Brush – High-quality, flat acrylic decoration brush with a pointed tip. Made of natural bristles. Length: 0.31 inch. Width: 0.15 inch. The acrylic decoration brush with the shortest bristles. Perfect for creating small patterns requiring great precision.

Before using your brush for the first time, thoroughly scrub the glue out of the bristles, dip it into Liquid, then press out the bubbles.

After using your brush, clean it with Liquid, then dry it thoroughly with a paper towel. Form a pointed tip, and store the brush tip-up or in a horizontal position but never upside down as the Liquid will flow to the tip and dissolve the glue, which will discolor the bristles.

You can use your Mini 3D Brush for gel, acrylic, or aquarelle painting. Use separate Mini 3D acrylic decoration brushes for acrylic, gel, and water-based paint (acrylic, aquarell). (Do not use acrylic or gel brushes with water-based paints or vice versa, you will need separate brushes for each paint type.)